Coffee Prayer

Dear Grace.

This morning I am taking a moment to thank you for one of your most impressive collaborations with man – COFFEE!

There are so many ways to drink it.  It embodies the artss by fueling artists and even providing a palate at times.

You make us better through the very scent of this incredible friend to psyche and mood.

Though it may seem frivolous, thank you, Grace, for coffee.  It gathers friends, families, professionals and even brain cells.

Thank you/Amen

Healthy Choices

Dear Grace,

I call on you to walk me through the struggle between my immediate needs and my long-term needs.

When I am tempted to complain, reliving the negativity in my life, I call on you to silence me and show me all of my life’s good.

When I am tempted to skip meals due to forgetfulness or inconvenience, I call on you to make me stop and eat!

When tempted by unhealthy food and drink, I call on you to help me choose alternatives.

Grace, remind me that immediate satisfaction is fleeting.

Only by playing the long game may I feed my soul.

Amen/So be it!

Day Twenty-nine of Lent

Dear Lord,

Tonight I want to thank you for my physical security.

There are people all over the world with nothing.  They have nothing to a degree I have never know, even in my leanest times.

No roof over their heads and no food to eat.  Bless them, Lord and let me be ever grateful.

Lord, I also want to thank you for my inner security.

There are people all over the world who have never known peace.  They may have money and power, but no moral compass.

No support from family and no integrity to lead them.  Bless them, Lord, and let me be ever grateful.


Day Eighteen of Lent

Dear Lord,

Today was filled with what we call coincidence.

There were moments of kindness from unexpected corners

There were chance meetings.

There was so much ‘at the right place at the right time.’

Let me never take these gifts for granted.

May I always take the time to see you within them.

Thank you, Lord for these tiny moments of wonder.