Why Are We Having a Wedding?

As a child I learned what love was because my parents loved me.

In grade school I learned what love was because my friends loved me.

In adulthood I learned what love was because lovers loved me.

Now I know what love is because you love me.

And you love me because I learned to love myself.

There is nothing more comforting, intoxicating and wise than loving someone who loves themselves.


We are messy and funny and angry and sad – not perfect or straight or disciplined.

The two of us are not ‘complete’ when we are together.

Our lives are simply better when we are together.


Why are we having a Wedding?

Because we want to stand before the world as we know it to share what we are and to have them cheer.

Cheer because they are with us;

Cheer because they love us;

Cheer because they cannot wait to see what we create!

And because we want to share.

Share our excitement;

Share our love;

Share what we will all create together.