Dear Lord,

Thank you for loving us so much that you gave us your son.

For offering through him the lessons for meaningful lives.

For giving us a mirror to hold up to ourselves.

For giving us the phrase ‘what would Jesus do?’

May we never stop asking the question.

Brightest blessings be on all your children today, Lord.


Easter Eve

Dear Lord,

This is the day before the light.

This is the darkest night of night.

Remind me, oh Lord that in darkness there is power, love and grace as much as there ever is in light.

In the darkness you are more present for me than you are in the light.  Maybe it’s the constant activity of today’s world.  It’s so vibrant with messaging that we may have trouble feeling you.

While we sit together now, show me ways to see you better in the light of day.



Friday of Holy Week

Dear Lord

Today is about sacrifice.

The sacrifice made in order to cleanse our sins.

The sacrifice we make to honor you.

The word ‘sacrifice’ means ‘to make sacred.’

This is what the season of Lent is about.

We make ourselves sacred for you in honor of the greatest of miracles.

Blessings on us all as we spend a moment to remember the significance of this day.


Maundy Thursday

Dear Lord,

Today we remember your son’s final words to us on this earth;

‘Love one another as I have loved you’ being among them.

How have we forgotten this so easily?

Every day good people practice exclusion of those in need, and I am among them.

Though I try to live each day not judging others, I also live each day turning my head from others’ suffering.

It is true that we cannot help everyone and often the only help we know to give is not actual help.

But never let me ‘not see’ the suffering.  If walking in Jesus’ admonition as he washed his disciples’ feet can mean acknowledgement, then let me always acknowledge others.

Let me always consider then and send them on with a prayer when they shock me or lash out at me.  While it may not be my path to heal their wounds, let me not add to them.


Wednesday of Holy Week

Dear Lord,

Today we all took a moment to consider life and how fragile it truly is.

Please help me to remember first my health and the health of those around me.

It’s written that the body is a temple and it’s a temple you made in your image.

We are the caretakers of what you made.  If I am unable to take care of my ‘temple’ for my own sake, may I always take care of myself for your sake.

And, Lord, please bless and stay with those who have experienced the greatest of losses.

Fill them with your light – the same light that guides our souls home when the time has come.


Tuesday of Holy Week – Friends

Dear Lord,

May I always know the value of a dear friend.

May they always know they can count on me

And May I always answer the call.

May the friends you’ve sent to be my chosen family know how dear they are.

And may I take the time to make sure that they know.

Tonight I want to take a moment to add to my counted blessings my closest friends.

Please bless them, each and every one, Lord.


Monday of Holy Week

Dear Lord,

Tonight I want to thank you for my family.

Not the family I’ve chosen, but the family I was given when I was born.

Even when times were hard between us as I grew up and sometimes away, I always knew I was loved.

This is an incredible gift in this world of uncertainty.

Thank you, Lord, for my family.


Day Forty of Lent

Dear Lord,

Today I was reminded of the struggles even Jesus had with doubt.

In many ways doubt and fear are simply marks of intelligence and analytical thinking.

They preserve us and even make us good at our jobs.

However, there is always a time for confidence and faith.

Lord, I feel that I could use your help in this area.

Please help me know when to stop doubting and questioning.

And please help me know when to go on faith.

You give us the ability to do both.

Thank you for helping to guide me to choose the right one at the right time.


Day Thirty-nine of Lent

Dear Lord,

In the mornings I try to take a moment before jumping out of bed to breathe deeeply.

As I breathe in I feel the air fill my lungs and just feel lucky to be in my bed, in my home and in good and loving company.

Tonight as I take my last waking breath and slip into sleep I will take another moment to remember who it was who gave me breath.

Dear Lord, tonight I thank you for the blessed relaxation of a good, deep breath.


Day Thirty-eight of Lent

Dear Lord,

Sometimes I spend a lot of time on wishing.

I wish for talents that I lack.

I wish for better luck in reaching goals.

I wish to be noticed or congratulated.

I wish for more money.

Lord, tonight I wish for the wisdom to count my many blessings BEFORE I ask for more.