Earth Mother Prayer

(The purpose of this prayer is to give thanks to the spirit of creation, often called ‘Earth Mother, Mother Nature or by several specific names like Gaia, Demeter, Hutash.  It is appropriate to say before gardening or preparing food.  Also before taking a walk – or as part of a daily meditation.  It is meant to be simple and easy to say often;>)

O, Glorious womb of harvest,

You fiery heart of creation,

Gracious green mother,

I give this offering in thanks and praise.

(Make an offering – could be a gesture, or something that has been fashioned by man like oil or bread or the lighting of a candle.  Feel free to be creative – just never offer her that which she has already given you,  For example a leaf or a flower or a seed without newly fashioning it in some way.)

Earth Mother!  I thank you for your love and constant teaching.

Morning Prayer


To that which stands against my purpose,

To that which stands against my joy,

To that which stands against my best self,

I thank you for the lessons you teach and the strength you build.

(Offering in thanks – may be a simple gesture or pause.)

But I ask you to remain beyond my thoughts at this time.

(Offering of exchange – may be a simple gesture or pause.)

Take these offerings and trouble not this day!

So be it.  (Use hearth language if desired. Ie: ‘amen’; So Mote it Be; etc . . . )