Dear Lord,

Thank you for loving us so much that you gave us your son.

For offering through him the lessons for meaningful lives.

For giving us a mirror to hold up to ourselves.

For giving us the phrase ‘what would Jesus do?’

May we never stop asking the question.

Brightest blessings be on all your children today, Lord.


Day Thirty-six of Lent

Dear Lord,

There is much made over the light at the end of the tunnel.

And I confess that, as we grow ever closer to the end of Lent, I am looking at that light myself.

What I want to pray for tonight, Lord is the strength to continue to find ways to seek you out even after this observation is done.

Please help me to see your presence in all things and to acknowledge it once Easter has come and gone.


Day Thirty-four of Lent

Dear Lord,

Today I was reminded of the importance of empathy.

Not sympathy, where we offer condolences and move on, but empathy, where we actually feel what our fellows are feeling.

It is an important component to service and one that I know I could work on.

Is empathy what you were creating when you sent your only son to live among your people?

Maybe there is a certain godliness in walking in another person’s shoes before we judge where they’ve been.

May I always remember this, Lord.


Day Thirty-three of Lent

Dear Lord,

I know that there is a time for all things and that patience is a virtue.

So why is it that I waste so much energy on frustration with waiting?

Why am I often so intent on rushing things?  Or so irritated when others slow me down?

Why do I spend time wishing it would move faster.

Perhaps this is another lesson that Lent teaches.  The lesson of patience is an important one.

Please guide me to a more patient self, Lord.


Day Thirty-two of Lent

Dear Lord,

Today the world around me was washed clean.

The wind blew and the skies poured and the trees looked greener for it all.

A storm is a lesson in silver linings.

In LA everyone complains about the rain and stays indoors.

But it is only after a storm that LA shines.

Lord, thank you for the rain – and for the baptism it brings.


Day Thirty of Lent

Dear Lord,

Sometimes we meet people who have an impact, no matter how long you’ve known them.

Sometimes we have the great fortune of keeping them in our lives and sometimes it is meant for them to move on.

Thank you, Lord for these chance encounters and how they mold and teach us.

Bless those who have moved through my life in this way and may I know how to pass their influence on to others.

And thank you for those moments when you speak through them to get my attention.


Day Twenty-eight of Lent

Dear Lord,

Sometimes it’s hard to see the silver lining.

I often wonder where to find the positive in difficulties that are handed out without warning.

But today, when I was hit with bad news, I realized that you have helped me grow so much in the past few years.

We are often judged in business.  Judged by peers, by supervisors, by total strangers.

You have taught me that these judgments are only valid in as far as they can improve me.

The only judgments that truly matter are those that come from family, friends, myself and one day . . . You.

May I always keep my reaction to judgment grounded by well-adjusted priorities.


Day Twenty-seven of Lent

Dear Lord,

Tonight I have so many things to thank you for, as Spring is here and life begins to renew.

This season is all about rebirth.

It is the chance you give us to reinvent ourselves and renew our faith in you.

Lord, this road has not been easy.  But, somehow, today I felt lighter.  Not saddled by my promise to you, but happy to have made it.

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Spring.


Day Twenty-five of Lent

Dear Lord,

Today I felt you as I asked for the will-power to make the best decisions.

Today I felt your comforting hand as I apologized for something I did wrong.

Today I felt the warmth of your sun and the beauty of your blue skies.

Today I felt the chill of your dark clouds and powerful winds.

Today I felt you, Lord, because today I paid attention.

And, again, I give thanks for your brightest and darkest blessings.


Day Twenty-four of Lent

Dear Lord,

In the tumult of our lives we rarely see the signs you offer of what’s to come.

So often you tell us when we are about to make mistakes or meet with mishaps.

But we don’t see it.

Then we look to you and say Why?

Why me?  Why didn’t I see it?

Tonight, Lord, I pray for the eyes to see you more often.

I pray for the awareness to listen to your voice, so often inside my heart, begging me to pay attention.

When I pay attention I know your love.