Coffee Prayer

Dear Grace.

This morning I am taking a moment to thank you for one of your most impressive collaborations with man – COFFEE!

There are so many ways to drink it.  It embodies the artss by fueling artists and even providing a palate at times.

You make us better through the very scent of this incredible friend to psyche and mood.

Though it may seem frivolous, thank you, Grace, for coffee.  It gathers friends, families, professionals and even brain cells.

Thank you/Amen


Dear Grace,

In Spring the world wakes up with song and color. There is a manic call to CREATE!

Sometimes in this cacophony it feels impossible to be still and hear my own thoughts!

I find myself getting carried away with flights of fancy.  While these are a wonderful way to energize my dreams, they can be a precarious way of life.

Help to to remember to keep my feet on the ground and BREATHE so that I am able to fully connect with you.

So be it/Amen/Thank You