Day Twenty of Lent

Dear Lord,
I wondered today why it is that we seem so willing to see the negative aspects around us.

In our possessions we often only see what is missing.

In other people we always see what they could improve

And in ourselves we only see where we are lacking.

Then an old voice from my teen years came echoing back – “God don’t make junk”

Help me to see the best in all your creation, Lord.


Day Nineteen of Lent

Dear Lord,

You are the beacon and you are the storm.

You show the way and you teach us with trials.

Your ways are mysterious.

May I always trust the path I’m on when I walk it with you in my heart, no matter how rocky or smooth it may be.

Let me trust that the outcome will be for the good.


Day Eighteen of Lent

Dear Lord,

Today was filled with what we call coincidence.

There were moments of kindness from unexpected corners

There were chance meetings.

There was so much ‘at the right place at the right time.’

Let me never take these gifts for granted.

May I always take the time to see you within them.

Thank you, Lord for these tiny moments of wonder.


Day Sixteen of Lent

Dear Lord,

Tonight I have to thank you for surrounding me with people who laugh.

All around me are people who see the special moments in life that fill us with good humor and enjoy sharing them.

May I never forget what a blessing this is, as I have certainly had my life filled with bad humored companions in the past.

And may I always remember the moments of laughter when mundane stresses threaten my relationships with others.

Thank you lord for laughter!


Day Seventeen of Lent


Dear Lord,

Sometimes I feel like all we do is chatter at each other down here.  Each of us seem bent on making ourselves heard or understood.

And so rarely to do we simply listen to one another.

This may be the greatest lesson you teach us, Lord.

To Listen – to the beat of life around us.

In listening we learn and in learning we have more patience for each other and our need to be understood.

Thank you, Lord, for always understanding us.


Why Are We Having a Wedding?

As a child I learned what love was because my parents loved me.

In grade school I learned what love was because my friends loved me.

In adulthood I learned what love was because lovers loved me.

Now I know what love is because you love me.

And you love me because I learned to love myself.

There is nothing more comforting, intoxicating and wise than loving someone who loves themselves.


We are messy and funny and angry and sad – not perfect or straight or disciplined.

The two of us are not ‘complete’ when we are together.

Our lives are simply better when we are together.


Why are we having a Wedding?

Because we want to stand before the world as we know it to share what we are and to have them cheer.

Cheer because they are with us;

Cheer because they love us;

Cheer because they cannot wait to see what we create!

And because we want to share.

Share our excitement;

Share our love;

Share what we will all create together.



Day Fifteen of Lent

Dear Lord,

Why is it that the gifts you give to us are so often the ones we value least?

We stand in awe of others’ abilities and sometimes envy them.

Yet we diminish the things we do well as being of little value when the fact is that these abilities help create the colors of your world.

Let me always see the talents you have given me.

May I always choose to hone those talents and to share them.

And I will promise not to hide my light under a bushel.


Earth Mother Prayer

(The purpose of this prayer is to give thanks to the spirit of creation, often called ‘Earth Mother, Mother Nature or by several specific names like Gaia, Demeter, Hutash.  It is appropriate to say before gardening or preparing food.  Also before taking a walk – or as part of a daily meditation.  It is meant to be simple and easy to say often;>)

O, Glorious womb of harvest,

You fiery heart of creation,

Gracious green mother,

I give this offering in thanks and praise.

(Make an offering – could be a gesture, or something that has been fashioned by man like oil or bread or the lighting of a candle.  Feel free to be creative – just never offer her that which she has already given you,  For example a leaf or a flower or a seed without newly fashioning it in some way.)

Earth Mother!  I thank you for your love and constant teaching.

Day Fourteen of Lent

Dear Lord,

Tonight I am in awe of how blessed you’ve made me in ways I’ll never understand.

I have more than enough food, clothes and ‘toys’.

I am also a woman born with freedom and rights in a world where so many are harmed and subjugated – too many times in your name.

So, Lord, tonight I thank you for the blessings I do not even think about having.


Day Thirteen of Lent


Dear Lord,

I come to you to pray engulfed by a ball of stress.

A ball of stress that comes from many places – most of the time from things over which I have no control.

Through the process of praying to you so often this stress falls away and I feel whole and loved again.

Thank you, Lord for this gift.  And may I remember it more often.